Reserved Seating Tickets

Eventgroove has been printing event tickets for reserved seating venues for years. We can handle anything from one small event to an entire season of plays with a production every night. It is even possible to change the venue layout for each performance depending on your seating demands. Just tell us about your event needs and Eventgroove will guide you through the simple process to ensure that your event has the perfect tickets. The minimum quantity for a custom ticket order is 100 tickets.

Reserved Seating Ticket Order Process

Step 1: Email us

Our Customer Support Team can answer all of your questions and start your order.

Send us an email inquiry

Step 2: Design

Two options. Send your own design or we can design for you. Either way, we provide a proof for your review and approval.

Step 3: Approve

You approve or send us your changes.

Step 4: We Print and Ship!

After your final approval.

Remember, we can custom-design any of our products.

Design time is free for first hour and $40 for each additional hour. Over 99% of our customers never incur any design charges.