Why Event Wristbands Are Pure Gold for St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and this year we can celebrate in person. Doesn’t that make you want to raise a glass and say “Slàinte Mhaith!” Well, imagine how the Irish feel. It’s been two years since Ireland has held its annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival, but it’s on like Donkey Kong for 2022. So, you know Irish eyes really are smiling! 

 If, like the entire country of Ireland, you’re planning an in-person St. Patrick’s Day event or fundraiser, take it from us and use custom event wristbands. They’re excellent for security and crowd control. Recently, Tyvek event wristbands have become a popular choice with fundraising and event organizers because they offer contactless entry and instant visual identification of checked-in guests.

So, why are custom wristbands so amazing for St. Patrick’s Day? Read on to find out!

5 Reasons Custom Event Wristbands Rival Shamrocks

1. Contactless Event Entry:  

Event wristbands are an inexpensive yet extremely effective means of security and admission control. This is especially true when you pair custom wristbands printed with variable QR codes with an online event management platform. Using Eventgroove, event organizers and staff can simply log into their event dashboard using a browser, then use their phones to scan attendee wristbands at check in—no contact required.

Pro tip: If event bracelets don’t have enough flair for your VIPs, try event badges! They also can be printed with variable data, can be scanned with no contact, and look substantial and flashy hanging around an A-lister’s neck. 

2. Bar Crawl Ready:  

Managing a group on a pub crawl is harder than herding cats, especially on St. Patrick’s Day when every person is out and about. Available in all the different colors of the rainbow, Tyvek wristbands are the most efficient way to visually identify guests (particularly when brightly colored and personalized with your brand image or a custom message) and keep everyone together. 

When everyone in your group is wearing custom Tyvek wristbands, organizers, bouncers, and your party bus driver can easily spot who belongs. Additionally, when guests enter the pub, refreshment retrieval is streamlined—party-goers only have to flash their custom wristband and bartenders will know they’re part of the event and paid in full. Finally, both Tyvek bands and vinyl wristbands are waterproof and tear resistant, so they’ll hold up no matter what blarney your guests get into. 

3. Luck of the Irish: 

Hosting a raffle or giving away door prizes? Stubbed event bracelets are great for this (especially our gold ones)! These handy Tyvek wristbands come with unique, matching numbers on the tear-off stub and wristband—people simply drop their stub in a pot o’ gold to enter. When you choose the winning stub, call out the number and watch whoever’s wristband has the matching digits jig for joy.

4. Live Shows:

gold event wristband

Music, dancing, and St. Patrick’s Day go together like stout and Slàinte. Stubbed wristbands are perfect for a talent showor battle of the bands. In addition to making it easy to check in guests and spot paying guests, attendees can use their stubs to vote for their favorite performer. 

Pro tip: Sell tickets (or custom Tyvek wristbands!) online in advance of your St. Patty’s Day bar crawl using an online event platform. Using Eventgroove, you’ll have clear records of who has paid and be able to order custom Tyvek wristbands with variable QR codes. At checkout, offer guests the option to buy swag branded to your event (like t-shirts and hoodies) using our e-commerce print-on-demand capabilities.)

5. Who Has Access and Can Raise a Pint?:

It’s no blarney that sorting out guests at large St. Patrick’s Day events like parades or block parties can be a bear. Custom wristbands in various colors make it easy for event security staff to identify guests. Designate specific colors to sort who is underage, those who belong in a specific venue section, and vendors. 

Pro tip: Take your event organization up a notch with custom printed wristbands bearing variable QR codes. 

To get wristbands for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, browse our wide variety of custom wristbands and stock wristbands (all of which are equipped with bar codes and adhesive closures), use our online design tools to create unique designs, or work with our team to create custom Tyvek wristbands with variable QR code data. 

Whatever you’re planning, count on Eventgroove! Our integrated, all-in-one events and fundraising platform is built to help you succeed and managed by a team that cares. Plus, every print product order comes with a satisfaction guarantee

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