Ticket Ideas for the Holidays


With the holidays (and the associated whirlwind) fast approaching, we thought we’d share a few event ticket ideas. After all, scrambling to order printed event collateral at the last minute is a holiday buzz kill!

Party tickets

Party tickets work well both as party invitations and as a way to help offset the price of the party itself. Christmas or New Year’s Tickets can also help add a little extra class to your office party or any other event that you might be planning.

Door Prize Raffle Tickets

Hand out themed raffle tickets as your guests arrive. They can use the stub to provide their contact information or you can hand out tickets and use the list of serial numbers to pick a lucky winner for your prizes.

End of year or New Year’s fundraiser

During the holidays can be the perfect time to hold a fundraising event for your organization. Anything from a raffle to an elegant ball can be held to raise money for your cause.

School or church play

Now is the time of year that parents get to see their little ones dressed up and on stage. Event tickets are great for making sure that no one forgets the date of the big event, and that your crowd stays organized. Plus the stubs make a cute memento of the occasion!

Holiday gift certificates for your business

Holiday-themed gift certificates are a great way to spread some cheer. With our pre-designed templates, even the smallest of businesses can afford to have their own gift certificates. Your customers will be able to share the products and services they love with friends and family, which helps grow your customer base.

Need help figuring out what price you should charge for event tickets or how to create ticket designs? Browse our blog!

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