Y’all Come Back Now! Stickers for Repeat Business


For most businesses, it’s not enough to draw a customer and make a sale. They need repeat business. Whether you are running a business, directing a play, leading a band, or supporting a school, custom stickers can make customers “stick to you” every time!

Are Repeat Customers Important?

Yes! Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, repeat customers are crucial for your business to succeed. According to marketing.about.com, 80 percent of business comes from existing customers, while only 20 percent is derived from new customers. Also, it costs around 5 times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to sell to an existing customer. Repeat customers keep your business running year in and year out.

So, how can custom stickers help you acquire important repeat customers?

Name, Number, And Answer on the Spot!

To increase your percentage of repeat customers, appropriately apply custom company Stickers directly to objects related to your business. For example, if your company services air conditioning units have all of your employees stick your custom company sticker on every air conditioning unit they service. This way, if the unit ever breaks down, the Sticker with your name and number will be the first thing the customer sees and he or she will know exactly who to call: YOU!

You can also add stickers to freebie items like calendars, which have the potential to hang around for a year. Since kids love stickers, any business or organization that revolves around children can bank on their customers sticking them up everywhere. Even if young people aren’t spending money at your business, they’re placing your advertising where their parents can see it on a regular basis.

These are only some of the countless ways that custom stickers can be used to obtain repeat customers. Theaters and bands can give stickers away after their performances. Non-profit organizations can provide stickers for people who come to their events. Custom stickers are less likely to be thrown away than flyers, and once applied to an object they are permanent, constantly reminding customers to come back and utilize what you have to offer!

Easy and Affordable!

What’s the best part about advertising with custom stickers? They’re simple and inexpensive! You can obtain a roll of 2,000 custom economy stickers for 36 dollars at Eventgroove and unleash your full potential for gaining 2,000+ repeat customers!

So remember, repeat customers are critical for your success. Stickers offer an affordable way to put your name and number right where your customer will see it! All you need is a little paper and glue to make customers “stick with you” again and again.

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