Offset the Costs of Event Ticket Printing


We have all planned the perfect event in our minds at one time or another. It has the ideal decor and location, great food, is sold out, and has 100% attendance. But, unfortunately, this dream usually comes to a screeching halt when we review the budget for said event.

In a depressing attempt to reconcile your dream event versus available funds, you start to cut or reduce its elements.  Instead, we offer another solution (or at least an idea that might help):

Sell advertising on the back of your event tickets

By utilizing ticket backs as advertising space, the expense of event ticket printing can be totally cut out of your budget.

In most cases, there is a slight additional fee for printing on both sides of your tickets. However,  on the flip side, there are always people looking at getting in front of the audience that’ll be at your event.  

Who to approach with ticket ad space

As an organizer, you have a pretty good idea of the demographic of those attending the event. Use that knowledge to identify who would be a good advertising fit. Some common examples include local restaurants, car dealerships, real estate agents, and other service businesses.

It is also a good idea to target an advertiser that has an interest in your event. For instance, if you’re selling tickets for a high school play and know the local auto dealership is a booster for the school’s athletic programs. Give them a call! They’ll likely be interested in buying the advertising space.

A win-win for advertisers 

Tickets are usually sold several days or even weeks in advance of an event. Generally, when people buy tickets, they put them in a safe place where they will easily see them. On the night of the event, your customers are required to bring the tickets to the event. While waiting in line, attendees will spend several minutes examining the ticket just because they have nothing better to do.

Event ticket advertising to drive quantifiable traffic

Suggest using the space to print a coupon. It’s an easy method of identifying the advertising return on investment. For instance, many college basketball tickets have a coupon for a free burger or drink with the purchase of another refreshment printed on the back. The most significant advantage of this program to your sponsor is that they can run a highly targeted campaign for significantly less than the cost of other forms of advertising.

Interested in custom event ticket printing? Browse our gallery of customizable event ticket templates, or work with our team to create a one-of-a-kind ticket design.

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