How to Price General Admission Event Tickets


How much should you charge for your general admission event tickets? That’s something every event planner asks themselves! Set the fee too high, and you might negatively impact sales; too low, and you can forget covering overhead.  

We’ve created this handy event ticket price calculator (at the bottom of this article) to help you figure out the best price to charge for general admission.

Here’s what to consider when setting the price of general admission event tickets

Target Profit

This is the amount of money that you would like to have when the event is over, not counting the money you had before the event began. By changing this value it is easy to find out how much more the tickets would have to cost to earn an additional $X at your event.

Cost For Tickets

Everything costs money and tickets are something that you are going to have to pay for. It is possible to offset the ticket costs by signing up a sponsor and printing their ad on the back of your tickets. This box should contain the total that you will end up paying for your tickets to be printed and shipped to your location.

Marketing Costs

Will you be promoting your event with fliers or posters? Marketing materials cost money and it is a good idea to know what those costs are going to be upfront. Enter the total amount to be spent on marketing materials and efforts in this box.

Number of Events

How many times will the event be held? This box is for the total number of individual events that you are holding.

Cost Per Event

Most events cost money to hold, whether it is the costs of renting the facility or paying the ushers and performers, each cost adds up. This box should contain the total expenditure of an individual event. When this sum is multiplied by the total number of events it will be the total event cost of the production.

Number of Seats per Event

It is always a good idea to know what full capacity is for an event. This will prevent the fire marshal from becoming involved in your event. Do not worry about how many tickets of that total you will sell right now; just enter the total number of seats in the box.

Percentage of Tickets to be sold

Some events are lucky enough to sell out every event. Notre Dame Football, for example, has sold out of tickets for every game but one (1973 vs Air Force over Thanksgiving weekend) since 1963. However, most venues are not so lucky and better served by an estimate of the percentage of tickets sold before the event. 80% would correspond to selling 4 out of every 5 tickets.

The calculator will then generate the ticket price for your event. Eventgroove recommends that you round the ticket price up to an even number. With currency that can be to the nearest Quarter Dollar amount instead of the nearest dollar if you prefer.

You now know what price should be set for your tickets. It is also important to craft the price around your target audience and think about what they will be willing to pay for your performance.

Event Ticket Price Calculator

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