A Word (or Image) from Your Sponsor


Can corporate sponsorship boost event ticket sales?

Indeed it can. Entering into a partnership with a business or organization whose values match your own is an excellent way to increase your marketing reach without increasing your marketing budget. Done correctly, it create a mutually beneficial relationship in which both parties receive advertisements, usually withing spending more money than they normally would spend.

Choose a partner that suits your event. If it is a small, local event, approach local business owners. Larger events may enter into an agreement with larger corporations. Either way, make sure the business is one that you want to be associated with. Do their products tie into your event? Does their reputation match your own?

You can offer your sponsor free advertising space: you’ll already be printing your own products and creating your own online campaigns, so it’s simple to add sponsor logos or messages to these materials. Similarly, your sponsor should be willing to add the details of your upcoming event to some of their marketing messages. If the sponsor’s business is willing to act as a box office to sell tickets to your event, it can increase your reach and help the sponsor boost traffic to their business.

Another example of a positive relationship is a product tie-in. Perhaps you can offer a discount to individuals who purchase your sponsor’s product. Your event tickets can come bundled with certain products, or you can provide the discount when they bring some proof of purchase to you. This can increase sales for everyone!

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