Sell Advertising on the Backs of Quick Tickets


Eventgroove is pleased to announce that we now offer advertising space on the backs of Quick Tickets. Many of our customers sell the advertising space on ticket backs in order to help offset the costs of their event or raffle. In the past this has only been possible by having custom tickets designed and printed. Now all of our 200 Quick Ticket designs allow you to place an advertisement on the back. For more information about how to begin selling advertising space on the backs of your tickets please read the article, Offsetting the Costs of Ticket Printing.

Other Recent Quick Ticket Improvements

Quick Ticket Drafts
Quick Tickets can be saved before they are added to your cart. It is now possible to begin working on a Quick Ticket and save your work so that you can come back to it later. Clicking on the Save as Draft button will save the quick ticket with the information that you have already entered. The saved ticket can be found in your account under the Saved Quote category on the Account page.

Quick Ticket Memory
When a customer is logged into their account and chooses to edit a Quick Ticket that they have ordered before, the information for the ticket will be automatically populated using their previous order. This also works for select tickets of similar design, such as different colour variations of the same ticket.

Quick Ticket Quantities
It is now possible to order Quick Tickets in any quantity over 250 tickets. This change has been requested by our customers for a long time. Feel free to enter the exact number of tickets that you need without being limited to the previous quantities offered on our site.

Ticket Security Backs
The security watermarks on the backs of Quick Tickets have been modified to make them harder to copy. The old security Backs, consisting of plain micro-text, have been replaced by a new security back that uses a combination of images and text to make copying tickets even harder than before. As an added bonus the ticket backs are also more attractive than they have been in the past.

Thank You

None of these added features would have been possible without the suggestions of our customers. Our goal at Eventgroove is to make buying tickets for your event as easy as possible. Please feel free to let us know of ways in which we can better serve you. If you have a suggestion please use the form on this page to submit it to us. Thank you for helping to make Eventgroove a better company.

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